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Rosebud Bear Schneider

"My paternal great grandmother, Alica Carufel, was the first woman on the first tribal council for our tribe. I'm proud to be from a long line of ancestors that were involved in policy change for our communities. As history states, Indigenous people (Native Americans) were the last group to gain the right to vote once the Snyder Act was passed in 1924. It's important to me to exercise my right to vote because so many before me never had that right."

Rosebud Bear Schneider - Bear Clan, Anishnaabe, citizen of the Lac Courte Oreilles Band of Lake Superior Chippewas, Descendant of the Purepecha and Huichol indigenous peoples.

Rosebud is a farmer, producer and community organizer. Her involvement with indigenous food sovereignty work spans over the last 15 years; first as a breastfeeding educator and maternal infant homevisitor with Healthy Start and WIC and then as a farmer and nutrition educator with the Sacred Roots food sovereignty project in Detroit. Rosebud comes from a tight-knit community in Detroit where her family remains involved in their cultural preservation efforts. Rosebud has spent her lifetime traveling to other native communities with her family for powwows and ceremonies. Her time with Sacred Roots illuminated the passion Rosebud has to feed and care for her community. She continues to provide traditional foods across turtle island. Rosebud remains dedicated to supporting the health and wellness of our community by educating on the importance of revitalizing Indigenous foodways and cultural lifeways. As a community health worker in an urban community, she has much experience in creating healthy and safe spaces, delivering prevention messages and being a trusted advocate. Her lifelong goal is to give her children and the coming generations the knowledge and skills to live a well-rounded healthy life woven with our ancestral ways.

Photography: Indigenous-owned Northern Territory Imaging

Editing & portfolio design: Jessyca Stoepker, Mission Control

All models were paid for their time and likeness.

All photos and bios are displayed with permission. 

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