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Nicky Dalton

"Social justice issues are important to me, including but not limited to Black libertarian and Native Sovereignty. One way to make a difference is to vote in every election. From school boards, city, state to President of the United States. The goal is to put people of power in position that are committed to positive change for all disenfranchised ( BIPOC ) citizens and not allowing for the white supremacy agenda that is being pushed by the right. It’s important to fight for free and fair elections. To have candidates that are not pushing fake/false agendas and breaking laws in order to push false narratives and inevitably trying to steal elections. We need to assure that accurate history is available and being taught in all educational settings. Also that the the rights of the effected communities are protected and expanded upon. My hope is that my Grandson will not have to put his safety and body on the line as I have to protect these rights that should be afforded to all citizens. Miigwetch."

Nicky is a tribal member of the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians.

Photography: Indigenous-owned Northern Territory Imaging

Editing & portfolio design: Jessyca Stoepker, Mission Control

All models were paid for their time and likeness.

All photos and bios are displayed with permission. 

If you have questions about the Rock the Native Vote project at Miigwech, Inc., please contact us. 

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